Glyphicons Guide

About Glyphicons

Glyphicons is a library of icons that can be added to links, headers, and buttons with a just bit of HTML. By adding clases to links, headings, or buttons, you can quickly draw attention to a section of your site.

Hale, Prudence Themes

The Hale & Prudence themes were built with Bootstrap 2, and can therefore use anoy of the Bootstrap 2 Glyphicons. Add them using html like that shown below, swapping out the classes as described in the Bootstrap 2 site.





Sherman, and Cornerstone-Based Themes

For sites using Cornerstone-based themes like Sherman, site webmasters can add any of the glyphicons from Bootstrap 3. These glyphicons can be added with classes as shown in the example below.


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These themes also have access to Glyphicons Pro, a larger library of several hundred icons. They are added the same way, with the class ‘glyphicon’, followed by the class of the particular icon.


Developers can make use of glyphicons in their custom themes by referencing to the centrally located global files, available within their development sandboxes.