Finding Images

Don't just search Google Images and grab something. Make sure you are using something you paid for, something you shot, or something from the public domain. You run the risk of getting yourself, your department, and the university in trouble. Read more: Copyright, Fair Use.

Some useful websites to check:

Prepare Images Before Uploading to Aurora

If you don't have access to Photoshop, try using the following free software to edit images.

Tips for Saving Space

Each website on Aurora comes with a 2 GB storage limit and a file size limit of 100 MB. If your site has a lot of images or other media, you might find some of the below tips for saving space useful.

Edit Images Before Uploading

If you edit images in Worpdress, it appears as if you’ve done the correct thing of resizing and cropping the image down. However, the WordPress image editor is non-destructive, which means it keeps the original in the Media Library, and then creates a duplicate for the new edited version. Instead, try one of the following software to reduce the image size:

  • GIMP
  • Fotor
  • Photoshop (Go to Image > Image Size, and choose a resolution of 72px, and if your width is larger than 1200px, you’ll want to reduce that as well. Then, use the File > Save for Web… option to compress the image into a JPG. This process can compress a print quality image by as much as 99%.)


Export Screen Versions of Office Documents

Programs like Word and Powerpoint have options for saving smaller versions of the original document.

ZIP Files

If you have a large number of files that people will commonly want to access together, you can bundle and compress them into a single ZIP file for additional storage saving.

Off-Site Storage

For sites with truly massive storage needs, it may be necessary to keep files on another web server and link to them. When inserting an image or linking to a document, rather then browsing the Media Library, you would just enter the URL of the file on the other server. If you require this setup, contact about obtaining an account.

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