Moving From Hale/Prudence to Sherman/Hale 2015

So what's different if you're converting a Hale or Prudence site to Sherman or Hale 2015? Here's a few quick points:

UC Slideshow

UC Slideshow does not work with Sherman, Hale 2015, or any other Cornerstone based theme. You will need to replace any slideshow you had on the old site. You can use the same images, but you'll have to load them up with Meta Slider.


The Primary Navigation menu needs to be set in Appearance > Menu; in Hale there was an option to set it in Appearance > Customize.


If you had pages built with Bootstrap, you'll have to redo them because Sherman and Hale 2015 use Bootstrap 3.

User Profiles

User Profile Pages will need to have their page template reassigned. Go to pages, and use the checkboxes and the Bulk Action > Edit feature to do many of them at once.