Switching Themes Guide

  • Open the old site homepage in a different window (open two separate instances to be safe). Don’t close or
    navigate away from these pages as you won’t be able to reach them again after you update the theme.
  • Open widgets of old site under Appearance -> Widgets. This will allow you to have access to all the widgets from the old hompage.
  • Update theme by going to Appearance -> Themes and activate to updated theme.
  • You will now need to update the new homepage using the old sites homepage as reference.
  • Switch your homepage to Page Builder and change your Template to “Page Builder – Cards”
    if you want to keep the same style as the old site, otherwise set it to blank.
  • Update content to match your previous site using Page Builder and save your changes.
  • Sometimes your Top Nav will also be altered. To fix this go to Appearance -> Menu
    and select the Top Nav (Primary Menu) menu to edit.
  • Comments are sometimes enabled on sites after they are updated to the modern theme. They can be disabled by
    first going into the homepage and making sure “Discussion” are checked in “Screen Options” drop down which can be located
    on the top right of the screen. After “Discussion” are checked you can scroll down to the Discussion section.
    Uncheck both “Allow Comments” and “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page”.