What is better, a wireless or wired connection?

Wired connections are more reliable and provide dedicated high-speed network access. Wireless connections utilize a shared radio medium so performance will be affected by a variety of factors, such as number of users in a service area, radio interference, and signal strength.

Why is my wireless connection unreliable?

A number of factors can interfere or affect the quality of a wireless signal:

  • Number of users connecting to an access point – Wireless is a shared media so the number of wireless clients associated to an access point will affect the overall throughput and performance experienced by each client.
  • Radio frequency interference – Interference from another radio source using the same frequency as a wireless access point will negatively affect performance of a wireless network.  Some common sources of wireless interference are Bluetooth devices, rogue wireless networks, cordless phones, florescent lights, and microwave ovens.
  • Signal strength – Physical obstructions between a wireless device and an access point can absorb or deflect the wireless signal resulting in poor signal strength.  Common obstructions are walls, floors, furniture and appliances.

Do I have to logon to the UCONN-GUEST Wireless login page every time I want use the Internet from a hotspot?

Yes, the authentication system will require you to login via a web page each time you start a wireless session.