A-Z Index Template

This page template will automatically generate a list of all pages from your Aurora site and list them in alphabetical order.

To assign a page the A-Z index template, locate the menu on the right side of the editing screen entitled ‘Page Attributes.’ Under ‘Template‘, select ‘A-Z Index‘.

page attributes screenshot
Find the Page Attributes box on the right and click the Template menu.
Then, select ‘A-Z Index’.

For a working example, view the Aurora site’s A-Z Index.

Excluding Pages

By default, the A-Z Index will display every single published page in the site, but it is possible to override that behavior and specify a few pages to leave out.

To do this, first you must find the ID number of the page you wish to exclude. Edit the page in question, and look at the URL bar in your browser. You’ll see a number there that looks like this:

In this example, the ID number is 1799

Next, you’ll edit the A-Z Index page. If you scroll down, you’ll see a box labeled custom fields.

If you don’t see this box, you’ll want to go to the ‘Screen Options’ tab at the very top right of the page and click the checkbox next to Custom Fields, and then scroll down once more.

In the Custom Fields box, add a new custom field called exclude, and add the number of the page to exclude. When adding multiple pages, use a comma to separate the ID numbers.


Save the changes to the page, and you’re done!