Glyphicon Update

Part of Update 10 (released January 3, 2017) was an update to the Glyphicon library which resulted in a few icon class changes. Below is a list of all of the classes that were affected.

Old Class Current Class Set
souncloud soundcloud Social
hotspot paired Basic
airplane plane Basic
bed bed-alt Basic
bed-alt bed Basic
remove-2 remove Basic
remove remove-circle Basic
ok ok-circle Basic
ok-2 ok Basic
circle-remove remove-sign Basic
circle-plus plus-sign Basic
circle-minus minus-sign Basic
circle-ok ok-sign Basic
circle-question-mark question-sign Basic
circle-info info-sign Basic
circle-exclamation-mark exclamation-sign Basic
ban ban-circle Basic
google-maps map-marker Basic
left-arrow arrow-left Basic
right-arrow arrow-right Basic
down-arrow arrow-down Basic
up-arrow arrow-up Basic
ruller ruler Basic
paragraph paragraph-alt Basic
note music-alt Basic
mosquito-net mosquito Basic