Live Sites with Custom/Child Themes

These are the unique themes created for specific sites by developers across the university.

Name Theme Type Contact Website(s)
academic-vision Custom Orlando Echevarria Academic Vision
alumni Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team UConn Alumni
business Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team
chemistry Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team Department of Chemistry
clas Custom ITS Web Team College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
ece Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team UConn Early College Experience
freedom-child-theme Child (Cornerstone) Orlando Echevarria
grandchild-circa Grandchild (Cornerstone/Hale 2015) ITS Web Team Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation (CIRCA)
grandchild-counterproofpress Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team Counterproof Press
grandchild-csch Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team Collaboratory on School and Child Health
grandchild-entrepreneurship2018 Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team Entrepreneurship
grandchild-global-affairs Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team Education Abroad
grandchild-global-citizenship Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team
grandchild-lup Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team Literary Universals Project
grandchild-iss Grandchild (Cornerstone/Hale 2015) ITS Web Team Institute for Student Success
grandchild-techpark Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team Innovation Partnership Building at the UConn Tech Park
grandchild-utc-institute Grandchild (Cornerstone/Sherman) ITS Web Team UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering
guide-child-theme Child (Cornerstone) Orlando Echevarria Faculty and Staff Resource Guide
hale-child-uconntalks Child (Hale) Abe Millet UConn Talks
healthjournal Child (Cornerstone) Brian Daley UConn Health Journal
hri Custom CO:LAB UITS Web Team Human Rights Institute
innovation Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team Innovation
libraries Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team UConn Libraries
lobo Child (BeaverBuilder) Adam Berkowitz
neag Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team Neag School of Education
nursing Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team School of Nursing
ovpr Child (Hale) ITS Web Team
policies Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team Policies & Procedures
public_safety Child (Cornerstone) Cronin and Company, LLC Rushikumar Bhatt Public Safety
sexual_violence_awareness Child (Cornerstone) Cronin and Company, LLC Deborah Redshaw Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence and Stalking Awareness
sistertalk Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team Sistertalk Workbook
smart_mag_child Child (SmartMag) Richard O’Toole
social-work Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team School of Social Work
tap Custom Orlando Echevarria Teaching Assistant Programs
Tempo Custom Richard O’Toole School of Fine Arts Timeline
ucs Child (Hale) ITS Web Team Urban and Community Studies
uecs Custom ITS Web Team University Events & Conference Services
unesco Custom ITS Web Team UNESCO CHAIR & Institute of Comparative Human Rights
writingcenter Child (Cornerstone) ITS Web Team Writing Center