These are the ideas for Aurora that people have suggested to us so far. The Governance Committee reviews this list periodically and will move items from it into the Upcoming Features, which lists the features scheduled for implementation by UITS.

General Theme Features

  • Facebook
    • Share this page on Facebook
    • Like a Facebook group that you’ve already setup.
    • Activity feed related to existing Facebook account
  • Twitter
    • Tweet the link to this page, post, etc.
    • Tweets from your Twitter account
    • Submit an @ reply right in the page.
    • Alternately, a simple Twitter badge.
  • Video
    • YouTube channel
  • Share This Button
    • Embeddable icons and links for various social media platforms.
  • Subscribe to Posts via Email
    • WordPress already allows visitors to subscribe to posts via RSS. This would be an option to receive similar updates through email instead.
  • eCommerce & Financial Transactions
    • The ability to securely process credit card transactions.
  • Husky DM integration
    • Integration (to be defined) with the Library’s Digital Measures project.
  • Posts/News Template
    • Add Page title to template
    • Provide a link back to the posts page
  • Single Post Template
    • Remove or redesign the “comments are turned off” message.
  • Comments
    • Setting to hide “comments closed” messages on posts.


  • Access Denied Page
    • Create a more informative page when users attempt to log in to a site they do not have access to.
  • Remove the “Insert More Tag” button when editing Pages
    • We’ll have to research to see if/how this can be done.

Specific Plugins

  • Mini Loops
    • Shows recent or related posts as a widget, or through a shortcode.
  • Video Lightbox
    • Allows video to pop up in a lightbox.

Site Admin Tools

  • A/B Theme Testing
    • Whenever a visitor loads a page, one of two themes is loaded. With this, you can use analytics to track things like which is more successful, calling the button “Get Started” or “Start Now”. Can test colors, layouts, etc for click-throughs.
  • Adding Users to Groups
    • Currently, users can be assigned roles like Site Admin, Editor, Author, or Contributor. This would be another way to organize users and grant permissions. You could make a group based on internal teams or functional areas, and then combine that with the WordPress user roles to more tightly control who has the power to edit what on your site.
  • Improved Page Hierarchy Controls
    • When viewing “All Pages” in the dashboard, this tool would allow you to organize pages as being “children” of other pages, thereby making groups that can be easier to browse through, and offer possibilities of more restricted user access for you editors and authors.
  • Email Notifications when a new page is published, edited.
    • Option for Site Admins or Editors

Network Admin Tools

  • Network Setting for Timezone
    • Currently, UITS can set the default Timezone for each new site, but cannot alter it after the fact. This will be an issue when Daylight Savings Time starts and ends, as this change would have to be done manually in each site.
  • Site Contact List
    • Publicly visible webpage of every site in the system, and contact information for each one.
  • Blogging Enhancements
    • Featured Images on post pages displayed at full size, rather than thumbnails.

Add to the Wishlist

If you have a specific plugin, theme, or feature in mind, please email webdev@uconn.edu.