Update 1

Update 1 was released Aug. 16, 2013.


Feature  Notes Type
New Plugins Enable Media Replace Allows you to swap documents without changing links in your site Plugin
Broken Link Checker   Plugin
Black Studio TinyMCE Widget Homepage widgets with more styling options Plugin
Velvet Blues Update URLs Will update links in your site if you change your site URL Plugin
System Upgrade Increase File Upload Size Limit to 10 MB Network Update
Theme Updates Huskypress 3.0.1

  • Various bug fixes
  • Minor style improvements
  • New single-row homepage layouts
  • UCHC search


Planned changes for Update 1 that will be postponed:

  • Delayed until September
    • Huskypress: Hale 3.0.2 (css support for the following plugins…)
    • University User Profiles
    • Contact Information Widget
    • Hours of Operation Widget
    • UConn Banner Plugin (Will add UConn Banner to a theme, keep it up to date)
    • Additional Import WordPress options (Blogger, Moveable Type, Tumblr, etc)
    • Updating to WordPress 3.6 (due to plugin conflicts)


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