Update 10

Released 1/3/2017

New Features

    • Easy Accordions* - use Visual Editors to build accordions, no need to write Bootstrap code any more!
    • Sticky Navigation* - when enabled the main navigation menu will always stay on top of the website on long scrolling pages (Appearance>Customize>Navigation Options>Sticky Navigation)
    • Breadcrumbs & Precrumbs* - breadcrumb navigation is based off Parent/Child page hierarchy and displays on child(ren) pages when enabled (Appearance>Customize>Navigation Options>Breadcrumbs)
    • Header Widget Area* - add logo, social media icons and etc. (up to two widgets) to the right of the header area (Appearance>Widgets>Header Content)


    • Post Excerpt support* - allows excerpt to be displayed in post feeds (Settings>Reading>For each article in a feed, show>Summary)
    • Make Bootstrap Tables mobile friendly

*Available in Cornerstone-based themes (Sherman, Hale 2015)