Update 14

Released on 3/31/2020

  • Revisionize: a new plugin to schedule a future update to a page.
  • Ally for Websites Alternative Formats: an accessible tool that creates alternative formats of website pages and files based on the originals. Available on the websites that have been scanned by Blackboard Ally for Websites. Webmasters should still follow the guidelines or reach out to our IT Accessibility Coordinator to make the documents and the websites fully accessible.
    Ally Alternative ButtonVisitors can click on the Ally Alternative button at the lower left of the web page to access the alternative formats.
    There’s also a translation option in Ally Alternative to see the web page in one of 48 other languages.


  • Standard COVID-19 Alert Banner (available upon request): email webdev@uconn.edu with your website URL to add the same COVID-19 alert banner displayed on uconn.edu onto your website.
  • Gravity PDF (available upon request): a new plugin to email gravity form submissions as PDF attachments. Email webdev@uconn.edu with your website URL to enable this feature.
  • White UConn Banner: go to Dashboard>Settings>UConn Banner, select White under the Style, and hit the Save Changes button to enable the white UConn Banner on your website.
  • School/College theme: a new theme available only to the main websites of academic schools and colleges that features a white School/College banner or a blue School/College banner with sample page templates.
  • All third party plugins have been updated to the latest version.