Update 2

Update 2 was released Sep. 30, 2013.


  • WordPress 3.6 upgrade
  • Text fields for School/College/Division/Department Name and URL
  • System Upgrade (Network Update)
    • Increase File Upload Size Limit to 32 MB
  • Contact Information Widget
    • A simple widget with preformatted fields for the homepage.
  • Hours of Operation Widget
    • Another simple widget with preformatted fields.
  • UConn Banner Plugin
    • Allows custom themes on Aurora to integrate standard UConn Banner.
  • UCHC Footer
    • Selecting UCHC in theme options will swap out the copyright links in the footer.

Planned change for Update 2 that was postponed:

  • University User Profiles
    • A way to add faculty, staff, or other profiles to your site.
    • People will have the ability to edit their own profiles, without having access to the rest of the site.