Update 8.1

Released March 2015



Also applies to Sherman, and all other Cornerstone child themes.

  1. Added support for a ‘404′ menu. If you name a menu ‘404’ the links in it will appear on any 404 error pages.
  2. Homepage Layout Builder now displays ‘placeholder‘ blocks when in the theme customizer.
  3. Widgets in the megafooter now consistently styled.
  4. Improvements to the Events Calendar Widget display
  5. Footer correctly sticks to the bottom of the browser on short pages.
  6. Flexible posts widget styles now consistent with other widgets.
  7. Widgets area in dashboard will no longer display extraneous widget sections when switching themes.


  1. Color options have been improved with small changes to coloring and better support for older browsers.
  2. Events Calendar widget styles improved.


  • Shortcal
    • The current day is now marked with a shaded cell.
  • University User Profiles
    • HTML tags now stripped out of user text fields.
  • Private Pages
    • Pages can now be set to visible by  “All NetIDs“.
  • Private Sites
    • Updated labels for options.
  • Custom CSS
    • Now supports the display attributes.
  • Broken Link Checker
    • Removed extraneous UI components
  • Embed Any Document  new
    • New Tool allows to upload and display PDF, MS Office and more documents on your website using Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online.