Update 8

Released January 16, 2015


WordPress Core
  • Core updated from version 3.9 to 4.1
Central Third Party Plugins
  • Updated to the latest release versions
Sherman Theme
  • Color Options added to Theme Customizer
Cornerstone Theme*
  • Added support for Glyphicons Pro
  • AZ Index can now exclude specific pages
  • Blog template can now be filtered by category
  • Left navigation switched from dropdowns to indented list
  • Disabled comments on Media Attachment pages
  • Reduced space between left column and main content.
  • Metaslider slideshows no longer trigger the “missing alt tag” error.
  • Fixed bug where footer would occasionally overlap site content.
Hale Theme
  • Numerous small presentation issues fixed.
Prudence Theme
  • Fixed widget styles in IE for Olive & Red themes.
  • Removed thick border from images.
  • User Profiles tables now work on mobile.
  • Site titles changed to title case, in compliance with updated university brand standards.
University User Profiles
  • Can now order user profiles with new “order” field on individual profiles.
  • Can now display links to websites in list shortcode.
Private Sites & Pages
  • Access to sites can now be limited by NetID
  • Access to pages within a site can now be limited by NetID.
Flexible Posts Widget
  • New Homepage widget allows you to display posts from specific categories.
UConn Banner
  • Updated the UConn Banner’s AZ Link
UConn Events Calendar
  • Embedded calendar redesigned
  • Embedded calendar supports displaying events from multiple calendars
  • Embedded calendar supports navigating through months
Alert Banner
  • The UConn Alert Web Banner has been retired, and therefore removed from Aurora sites.
Custom CSS
  • Sites can now load their own custom CSS, immediately modifying the styles of any theme.
Adding Users by Email
  • Site Admins may now add new users by either NetID or their @uconn.edu or @uchc.edu email address.
Safe Redirect Manager
  • New Tool allows the redirection of old pages to new URLs. Perfect for sites migrating to Aurora from other web servers.

* Changes to Cornerstone are available on all Cornerstone child themes, including Sherman.