Update 9.1

Released in February 2016.

UC People Updates

  • Default sorting on the people page is now by Last Name
  • Group ordering is now doable by using the Order field in each Group
  • Slug is editable on the profile page to allow nicer URL
  • Made profile page adaptive (layout of the profile page for people with and without About section is now different)
  • Allow multiple titles by using semicolons
  • Allow semicolons as line breaks for multi-line Address and/or multiple addresses
  • A UC People Widget is available to pull specific group/list in Appearance-Widgets
  • Added author field in People Import script to automatically assign authors during the import
  • Added File Label field for uploaded file
  • Added Department Field
  • Added Campus field

Authorize.net payment button shortcode

Use the following code to add an authorize.net payment button to your page:

[uc_authorizedotnet linkid="9448ec59-6f97-49fd-b8b4-8dc4bc9e503c" button="Continue to Payment Page"]

The linkid parameter should be pulled out of the form code from authorize.net. And the button parameter is the text you would like to display on the payment button.