Author: Brian Dunnigan

Countdown Widget

The Countdown Widget can be used to remind your users of an upcoming deadline.

To add the widget to a page, enter the deadline date as the Event Date by selecting it on the calendar pop-up; Days Until Text is the label you want to display next to the countdown number; actionable text (ex: register by) may be entered in the Ends on Text field and a link can be entered in Widget Link field to make the widget clickable and linking to the desired website.

Countdown Widget Interface

Header Widget Area

A maximum of 2 widgets can be added to the right side of your header by going to Appearance > Widgets and adding widgets to the section labeled Header Content.

The maximum height of the section is 76px. Any content taller than 76px will be cut off.

All widgets are automatically floated to the right, so the first widget will always be to the far right and the second will stack to the left of it.

If you would like to add an image or  logo to the header area, there are two sizes that work best.

If you are using only 1 widget in the header, you have an available space of 565px x 76px available to work with.


If you are using 2 widgets in the header, you have an available space of 282px x 76px available to work with.


By default, the site search disappears from the header once a widget is added. If you would like to keep the search on your site you can add a search widget to the Header Content widget area to bring it back.