Month: May 2023

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed and YouTube Feed

Instagram Feed

Please ignore the email with Subject “There has been a problem with your Instagram Feed.”

“This is a courtesy email sent from the Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin on your website to alert you when there is an issue with one of your Instagram feeds.”


YouTube Feed

Ignore the link within the Dashboard for YouTube Feed as shown below.  Do Not add license key.

The message states in the blue banner, “Your license key is inactive. Please add license key to enable PRO features.” 

Smash Balloon plugin

Please send an email to if you have any questions.

ITS Disaster Recovery Test

Aurora will be migrated to our alternate data center as part of the ITS annual disaster recovery test. There will be service interruptions during the morning of Sunday May 21st and then again during the evening of Wednesday May 24th.