Navigation Options

Cornerstone-based sites have options for different navigation styles. These options are:

  • Dropdowns
  • Multi-level Dropdown
  • Tabs
  • MaxMegaMenu


These menu options are only applicable if you are using one of the following themes:

  • Sherman
  • Hale 2015

Changing Your Navigation Style

On the dashboard go to Appearance > Customize. On the left, there will be an option for Navigation Options. Within that space, you will see a dropdown menu with the options listed.

If you do not see this option, you either are not using a supported theme or you have enabled the Max Mega Menu plugin. You will need to disable MaxMegaMenu before other options are available because that plugin overrides all other options.


This option begins with a simple dropdown for the first to level of navigation, with additional pages being displayed in a left navigation bar. This was the default navigation for all Sherman sites from Summer 2014 – Aug 2015.

Multi-Level Dropdown

This option expands the dropdown menu, and removes the left navigation. Dropdowns will expand to the side forever. We recommend not using this option for navigation that has more than 3 levels of depth, as it can be difficult for users to navigate the options. Large sites should consider using the Tabbed option.


In this option, the first two levels of the navigation are exposed in horizontal bars and all other levels are available through dropdown menus.

Sticky Navigation

When set to be On, the top navigation will always sticks to the top of the screen as visitors scroll down pages.


Breadcrumbs are based off of Parent/Child page heirarchy. When set to be On, breadcrumbs navigation will show up on child(ren) pages. For more information view our breadcrumb guide.

Max Mega Menu

The Max Mega Menu plugin allows sites to have huge dropdown sections that can include menus, arbitrary text, images, or even widgets. It's supported by the Sherman and Hale 2015 themes.

This plugin is only recommended for users comfortable with using more advanced interfaces and site options. To enable this on your site, please contact the Aurora team, and we'll set you up.

Enabling the Mega Menu

Enable Mega MenuTo gain Max Mega Menu capabilities on a menu, go to Appearance > Menus and select your desired menu. On the right you'll see a panel labeled Max Mega Menu Settings, and in that panel you'll see the option to Enable the Mega Menu. Be sure to click Save after you check the box.

Mega Menu Settings

Under the panel labeled Max Mega Menu Settings, users can customize how the appearance of the menu.

The Event drop down allows you to choose whether a user must hover over a menu item or click on it to display its Mega Menu content.

The Effect drop down allows you to choose how the menu content appears on the screen (Fade, Fade Up, Slide, Slide Up) and with what speed (Slow, Med, Fast).


Editing Mega Menu Items

If the Mega Menu is enabled, you will see a Mega Menu button appear on each of your menu items as you hover over them. Click on one to edit that item as well as its sub menu. Within this editor you have three different tabs: Mega Menu, Settings, and Icon.

Mega MenuMega Menu Edit Screen pic

  • In the Mega Menu edit screen, you must first change the drop down menu labeled Sub menu display mode from Flyout menu to Mega Menu. If you keep it as Flyout menu, only the sub items listed underneath the menu item in your menu structure will appear and any widgets you had added to the item's Mega Menu will be disabled. When you switch to Mega Menu, you will be able to display widgets as well as sub menu items.
  • Add widgets to the mega menu by choosing them from the drop down menu at the top right. Once a widget is added, you can edit it by clicking on the wrench icon that appears in it.
  • You can choose how many columns your mega menu has through a drop down menu at the top right. In addition, you can choose the number of columns each individual widget takes up by clicking the left (decrease) or right (increase) arrows that appear on it. You may drag and drop widgets or sub menu items to rearrange them.

SettingsMega Menu Settings Edit Screen

  • The Settings edit screen contains various options for users to edit the appearance of the menu item, such as hiding the text, hiding the arrow, aligning it on the header, and disabling its link. Users may also choose to hide the item on mobile view or on desktop view. This edit screen also allows users to choose how the sub menu is aligned and whether to hide it on mobile.


  • The Icon edit screen gives users the option to choose an icon to be displayed next to the text on the menu item.