page layout builder

Cloning Posts with Page Builder

You can copy the layout and information from one Post or Page onto another as long as it was built using Page Builder. In fact, you can even clone a Post’s contents onto a Page and vice versa!


  1. Go to the Post or Page to which you want to copy another’s content
  2. Select Page Builder mode
  3. Click Layouts
  4. Depending on whether you’re copying information from a Post or a Page, click Clone: Pages or Clone: Posts, respectively
  5. Select the Page/Post you wish to copy and click Insert. Select whether you want to insert the contents after what’s currently on the Page/Post, before what’s currently on the Page/Post, or replace anything that’s currently on the page

Page Builder

The Site Origin Page Builder is a plugin that allows sites to create rows, columns, and insert widgets directly into a normal page. It is supported by the Sherman and Hale 2015 themes.

When creating or editing a post or page, click on the Page Builder tab next to the Visual and the Text tabs to enable Page Builder, where you can start adding rows, columns and then adding widgets to build the post or page. Page Builder gives unlimited flexibility for layout and widget functions on the posts or pages.

Page Builder